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Chernihiv Charity “Parents’ Voice”.  

With our help, 70 parents and children had had a wonderful holiday at an ex pioneer camp at Ostrech, near Mena in Chernihiv Region. A post about this appears on our Facebook page with many pictures. There is a short video created from a picture diary of the trip, created by a mother and son team.  I think it is enchanting!

I had the great pleasure of attending one of their Weekend sessions. They use their minibus to collect many of the parents and children but a few are able to come under their own steam. The importance of these sessions cannot be overstressed. The vast majority of these kids spend most of their time on their own and demanding care 24/7 from their parents. For the parents, being able to spend time with others who understand their problems is great and their enjoyment at meeting up was obvious. The children, both the handicapped and their siblings, joined their friends with great enthusiasm and much joy.

Sadly, in Ukraine, there is still little state help for parents who have to cope with a handicapped child. It seems as though society would rather they were out of sight and mind and often imposes a sense of guilt on the parents. For those who take the decision to care for their child at home, life is tough both for the child and for the parents from whom 24/7 care is demanded. It also has a serious knock on effect on any siblings. In Chernihiv there are about 100 children with some disability either mental or physical, or both, for whom there are currently no regular facilities.