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British Humanitarian Aid (BHA) actively seeks monetary and material donations in order to ease the suffering in Chernihiv Region, Ukraine,  where the collapse of the economy and the huge refugee problem, caused by the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the war in the Eastern States, have led to an impoverishment of individuals and families with which the local authorities are ill equipped to cope.

We basically collect unwanted items in the UK, sort and pack them, and despatch to Chernihiv. There it is allocated and distributed, according to strict Ukrainian legislation, by BHA and the Aratta organisation from the town. A real effort is made to make sure that the aid goes to positive organisations and families, so that it is really well used to improve the lives of the many poor and handicapped in the Region.

Thanks to our supporters lorries of aid were sent mid-December and mid-January. We still have aid to send but need help to finance lorries. Can you help?